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Subway and the Wasted Advertising

Last night I was watching a football game on TV.  During one of the short intermissions, an advertisement for Subway came on. The ad was for a $5 foot-long sandwich, which sounded like a great deal.

The next morning I dropped the kids off at school, and decided to get a breakfast flatbread sandwich from Subway.   I arrived at the store off Gingercake Road and Ga 54 around 8 AM. The open sign was on, the sign on the door stated that they opened at 7:30 AM, the lights were on inside, and the employees were behind the counter.

The thought of a hot breakfast, for great price, ran through my mind. I reached for the door only to find it locked. I checked my phone to make sure it was after 7:30, I looked to the employees behind the counter, bewildered. They made no effort to unlock the door.

Subway corporate had spent great sums of money to get me to that spot, on the doorstep of a Subway franchise, cash in hand, willing to purchase. Yet all the money in the world, couldn’t override employee apathy.

In this down economy, are you and your employees doing everything you possibly can to keep the customers you have?