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The American Church and its 30 Pieces of Silver

So today, a number of churches around the United States will be taking part in ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday‘. Those participating will be endorsing political candidates and discussing political viewpoints from their pulpits, hoping to draw the IRS into the courtroom to settle the constitutionality of the Johnson Amendment.

I have a very simple solution to this perceived infringement on the church’s First Amendment rights.  STOP TAKING THE TAX EXEMPTION!

Yes, it really IS that SIMPLE.  You have FREELY SOLD your freedom’s in order to claim tax exempt status.  If you really feel this strongly about your message, then give up your exemption, and amazingly, you are no longer under the thumb of the IRS and the Johnson Amendment.

Besides, this ship has sailed. Organizations that applied for 501(c) status AFTER 1954 AGREED to the terms.  The only organizations that possibly have a position to fight this would be organizations that were in operation at the time the law changed AND did so in a reasonable amount of time. 58 years is a long time to ‘suddenly’ become enraged.

As I see it, you have been paid not to preach.  Try explaining that to God when you meet him.


(my position on whether churches SHOULD actually endorse candidates may be addressed at a later date)