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TiShadow – Educational Potential



Let me tell you a little bit of the back story to this segment or the series. Here in the states Tim Poulson from Rochester and I have been discussing the use of Titanium in a classroom environment to teach, not just mobile program, but programming in general to high school aged students and higher.

Towards that end, we have both been investigating the ways in which we could push lessons plan and operational code to devices. Android isn’t really a problem as most devices will run unsigned code or accept code from non-market sources with the change of a setting or two on device. But iOs devices presented much more of a challenge due to Apple’s insistence on locking up the device access.

Following David Bankier’s Hacking Titanium presentation at Codestrong 2012 in San Francisco, he revealed a number of these new features I’m about to show you to a group of Titans and Appcelerator engineers who had gathered to investigate the use of David’s technology to reduce the learning curve of Titanium.

So I have 4 devices here, they represent my classroom. I have two different tiers of students in this group and I have sgemented them into the blue team and the red team. In the advanced tab of the connection dialog I simply designate which room to put them in.

I can then push a red lesson plan to the team in the red room and I can push a blue lesson plan to the team in the blue room.
We can also push a blue lesson plan to the team in the red room if we need to.

Now, we could place each student into their own room, lets say for instance student01 student02 etc.

We could have a script iterate through the list of rooms and push the same lesson plan to all the students.
But this would also allow each student to push their own work to their individual device.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you could use TiShadow in a training environment.

I’v placed a link below to Tim Poulson’s in-progress lesson plans and feedback is welcomed.


Tim Poulsen – TiSchool on Github

David Bankier – Hacking Titanium session from Codesstrong 2012 (vimeo)



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