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Changing Homebrew Installed Jenkins Launch Settings on OSX

I love Jenkins, I really do. But the docs for YEARS have seemed to be written by one person with only one system configuration. If you are doing iOs development, you need to have an OSX system to run your builds on. Back when I first setup Jenkins on a Mac Mini, there were some useful tutorials and guides put together by members of the community. Always found it rather odd that the Jenkins doc team never tried to incorporate this into the real documentation flow. Let’s face it, you have 3 basic target platforms: *nix, Windows, and OSX. How hard can it be? They document all the various *nix possibilities.

So, docker really doesn’t do anything for us as a mobile shop. Still, need access to OSX and Xcode tools. So on our minis, we use the homebrew install.

By default, homebrew creates a .plist file with the httpListenAddress equal to

Search the net and you will find that you are supposed to change the values in [cc]homebrew.mxcl.jenkins.plist[/cc] which you will find in [cc]~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.jenkins.plist[/cc]

Well, that sounds reasonable until you learn that it gets overwritten everytime you run [cc]brew services restart jenkins[/cc] Say what?

Yeah, you need to make your edits in [cc]/usr/local/opt/jenkins/homebrew.mxcl.jenkins.plist[/cc] to get them to stick. Same applies to most of the settings you would want from the list at

So why post this? It is a sticky note so I can remember next time I roll out a new Jenkins setup. 🙂