Quick Crypto Resources

So I’ve been playing around a little bit with crypto currencies. As with all things, no one ever gets rich quick.  But you can make a little extra slowly.


Exchanges are where different currencies can be converted to each other or into cash.  Some sites allow you to directly deposit earnings into your own secure wallet.  This means your keys and your coins.  As long as the coins sit on an exchange, they belong to the exchange, much like a bank holds your cash.  However, banks are insured.  If an exchange decides to close up shop, all your coins go to them.  So, you have to decide when you reach that minimum withdrawal level, whether or not you are going to leave you coins on the exchange.

Most Exchanges charge a fee for converting or withdrawals.  This covers the ‘cost’ of writing the transaction to the blockchain and how exchanges make money (besides the banner ads)


CoinPot has about a 3.9 star ranking (FoxyRating).  The only reason I have an account with them, is that the Moon Faucets will deposit there.  As soon as I meet a reasonable minimum, I move the coins to my wallets. They offer 2FA as well.

Faucet Pay

Faucet Pay  has a 5 star rating (FoxyRating) and is used by some of the larger faucets and game sites.

Moon Faucets

These are very simple to get started. You simply enter the email address you used to register your Cointpot account. You can collect every 5 minutes if you want. But if you wait, the total amount will be amount will be greater than if you sat and clicked every 5 minutes. There is a bonus you can receive from daily visits. I recommend you visit at the same time each day to execute your claim.






Bigger Faucets, Short URLs, Surveys

If you have more time on your hand, you can sign up with one of the larger faucet sites.  Most work off the same premise.  You do tasks and get points.  Points are used to play coin generating games. Fire Faucet and Cointiply are two that I tend to spend most of my time on.  These two will direct deposit into a wallet.  I’ll update with wallet information before you need one.

Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet

Cointiply Auto Faucet: Auto Faucet


So games that earn are fun. Nearly all games we play require some grinding to get XP or rewards, and Crypto games are no different.  I’ve added a few below that I enjoy playing.

Golden Farm

Golden Farm is one of the simplest games.  Ready? You buy birds. Birds lay eggs.  You sell eggs for coins.  You use coins to buy more birds. When you first sign up, the site will give you a bird and 300 coins.  You can start from there. They offer a bonus for the first few hours that reduces the costs of birds.  So if you might be thinking about investing some money into this to get more birds early on, at start up is the time so you can leverage that. I put some money in so I could buy some of the King Birds.

The site runs fine for me with adguard enabled.  No annoying pop-overs or pop-unders.


Splinterlands is a card trading and attack game. When you start out, you have a handful of basic cards.  As with most card games, each card has mana costs, hit/defense values, attack types, rarity and element.  

You can start off in Practice battles.  You don’t gain XP nor do you lose XP.  Its a safe place to get to know your cards. I suggest you use it.

There is a $10 buy in to start quests and earn benefits from your play.

The next step is to work into ranked games.  One key thing that some people miss is that the rules for games are random.  In one match you may be limited to 11 mana total and in the next it might be 28 mana.  This means you REALLY need to learn your cards.  You can also see your opponents last few rounds to get an idea what they tend to play.

There are quests.  These are not daily.  Once you get a quest, thats the quest until you complete it.

Cards can be bought and sold, lent out or rented. So if you have some duplicates (and you can play duplicates) that you aren’t using or if you have cards above your skill level consider putting them out for lending.  You can gain some in game currency doing so.

Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining has a daunting interface when you first sign up.  Be sure to run through the tutorial (and you will be rewarded) to see how things work.

But basically, you are a miner.  You upgrade your skills and tools to increase your production. Certain coin types require more energy.  As you move up through the levels, you will have access to more Hpower.

There is are 3 Elite Member levels that you can buy into with varying rewards.  If you get serious may want to look into that.


Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page and I may make some crypto currency off your sign ups.  If you do not see the banners, turn off your ad blockers.